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Jeff fafard

Originally from Quebec City, Jeff lived near Ottawa for a few years. In 2013, he got posted to Edmonton with the military. Little did he know how much Edmonton would mean to him.

He realized that Edmonton has some of the most fantastic people. Everyone he meets has a passion for something, and most commonly, a passion for our great city. With Edmonton having an amazing food scene, festivals almost every week, and a unique ribbon of green, to Jeff, the most important thing about our city are the people that will welcome you with open arms to achieve great things and work together. Jeff says "It's so easy to be involved in Edmonton and make a positive impact."

Jeff also operates a small construction company, using his construction knowledge to best serve his clients in a multitude of transactions in relations to new homes, investments, land development, and more.


Rookie of the Year 2017 - Edmonton Realtors Association

Top 20% MLS Sales 2018 - Edmonton Realtors Association

I’m proud to be an active member of our community, find out more about my involvement, and perhaps how you can contribute also!

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